MAHARANI ASSORTED APPETIZERS (Vegetarian) Deep fried assorted vegetables with Kashmiri spices and rich seasoning $0.006.95
VEGETABLE PAKORA Assorted vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried $0.004.00
PANEER PAKORA Homemade low fat cheese dipped in batter and deep fried $0.005.00
SAMOSA (2 pieces) Deep fried patties stuffed with mashed potatoes, green peas and spices $0.004.00
ONION BAAJEE Sliced onions deep fried in batter with Kashmiri spices $0.004.00
ALLO TIKKI CHAT(2 pieces) Potato cutlets sprinkled with bread crumbs and deep fried $0.004.95
PALAK KULCHA Unleavened bread stuffed with spinach and herbs and baked in our clay tandoor $0.003.50
PANEER 65 OR CHICKEN 65 $0.008.95