TANDOORI MURG Half chicken marinated in exotically spiced yogurt and roasted in tandoor $0.0013.00
RANI TIKKA Succulent cubes of boneless white chicken marinated in yogurt and mildly spiced and roasted in tan door $0.0015.00
BOTTI KABAB Tender cubes of lamb marinated overnight with fresh herbs and spices $0.0016.95
FISH TIKKA Fresh fish fillet marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and spices $0.0015.95
JHEENGA OR SCALLOP TANDOORI Jumbo shrimp marinated in ginger, garlic, herbs and spices $0.0017.95
MAHARANI MIX TANDOORI A delightful combination of chicken, lamb, fish and jumbo shrimp roasted in tan door $0.0017.95
HARIYALI TIKKA Boneless white chicken marinated in mint, spinach and yogurt roasted in tandoor $0.0014.00
SEEKH KABAB Fresh ground lamb mixed with mint and various spices rolled onto a skewer and cooked in tandoor $0.0015.00
PANIR TIKKA Cubes of homemade cheese roasted in tandoor $0.0015.95
JHEENGA AND RANI TIKKA A delightful combination of jumbo shrimp and boneless white meat chicken roasted in tandoor, marinated with yogurt and Indian spices and herbs' $0.0015.95
LAMB CHOPS Lamb chops marinated in delicately spiced paste, then cooked over clay oven and served on sizzler $0.0021.95