JHEENGA OR SCALLOP MASALA Jumbo shrimp or scallops in medium spiced creamy tomato sauce $16.95
SHRIMP OR SCALLOP CURRY Succulent shrimp or scallops cooked in an aromatic sauce $15.95
JHEENGA OR SCALLOP MADRAS Shrimp or scallops cooked in a light spicy gravy with coconut flavor $15.95
JHEENGA OR SCALLOP SAAG Shrimp or scallops cooked in a mid ground gravy with creamy spinach $15.95
JHEENGA OR SCALLOP BHUNA Jumbo shrimp or scallops cooked with onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and chopped coriander $16.95
GOA FISH CURRY A famous fish curry from Goa in India made with tender fish cubes in a curry with freshly ground herbs and spices $15.95
LOBSTER CURRY (Chef's Special) Lobster cooked with specially prepared herbs spiced with a touch of garlic and ginger $28.95
SEAFOOD VINDALOO Jumbo shrimp, scallops and salmon cooked in a highly spiced tangy hot sauce $16.95